Parade organizers will meet boats at 3:45 PM at Arbutus Beach, the cove north of the State Park.  The parade boat to lead the parade counterclockwise ending back at Arbutus Beach to announce the winners and hand out the awards. Parade begins at 4:00 PM sharp!

Boat numbers should be posted on the starboard side where they can be clearly seen from shore.

Once assigned a number, please stay in the lineup.

Follow the boat in front of you.  We will attempt to stay within a couple hundred feet of shore at all times so the spectators and judges can see everyone.  Our goal is to complete the parade within 90-120 minutes.  To do that we will going at a good clip, 7 miles an hour.

Remain in the parade until the end.   Boats that do not finish the trip around will be disqualified from prizes.

Be mindful of safety and safe distance from shore, docks, rafts, swimmers and boats around you.


If you experience boat problems, please wave others around you.


Judges are posted around the lake.  Your boat will be judged on four categories:  General appearance (balance, neatness), Creativity, Inspirational (use of costuming, role playing, technology, music, use of patriotic themes), enthusiasm.

Meet back at Arbutus Beach to turn in your registration number to parade organizers.

Winners will be posted on our webpage and Facebook.

Prizes     1st Place $200.00         2nd Place $100.00.         3rdPlace $50.00