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2016 Fireworks Raffle Winners List:

Home Town Name Place Prize
East Lansing, MI Greg & Leanne Vadnais 1st $2,000
Gaylord, MI Richard & Mary Krueger 2nd $1,000
Gaylord, MI Nick & Brenda Raymond 3rd $500
Gaylord, MI Thatcher Jim McBride 3rd $500
Royal Oak, MI Tom & Marianne Lewins 4th $100
Gaylord, MI Lisa & Nancy MacRae 4th $100
Gaylord, MI Svaluto Ernie Setty 4th $100
Gaylord, MI Leon & Jutith Bird 4th $100
Livonia, MI Adam Breitbach 4th $100
Troy, MI George & Susan Opitz 4th $100
Novi, MI Bob & Nancy Clappison 4th $100
London, OH Diane Daniel 4th $100
Gaylord, MI Thatcher Tom Thatcher 4th $100
Gaylord, MI Thatcher Cherrie Crandell 4th $100
Home Town Name Place Prize

Our thanks goes out to all those that have supported us with their raffle ticket purchases and sales and donations for this year’s show.