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This year’s parade will be Saturday, July 4; We had a record 16 boats in the

2019 Parade so the competition is heating up! Judges around the lake will

communicate their votes into OLA and we will post winners on Facebook. New

in 2020 will be first gathering at the county park 3:30pm. Numbers will be

available at that time also, however, it is far easier for all entrants, if you come

to picnic and register for parade. Look for OLA directing instructions prior to

the start of the event. You must have your Boat# assigned and registered with

OLA to qualify. The parade commences at 4:00 pm sharp so make sure you are

at the county park with plenty of time in advance if you haven’t registered

already. The goal is to be back to County Park between 5:30pm – 6:00pm.

The parade will encompass the entire lake, however, if you have a watercraft

that you do not want to take into the north end – please float and wait for the

parade to come back out of the northern cove and rejoin as they exit. We will

attempt to stay within couple hundred feet of shore at all times so the

spectators and judges can see everyone. If you experience boat problems

please wave others around you; if you’re able to rejoin please feel free to catch

back up.


Prize values will be as follows:


1st Place $200 plus $200 in OLA Merchandise

2nd Place $100 plus $100 in OLA Merchandise

3rd Place $50 plus $50 in OLA Merchandise


In the event weather prohibits having the parade, it will be rescheduled for

Sunday. If you have any questions, call/text Laura Percival @ 517-819-3437


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