Otsego Lake Restoration Update November 2013

Submitted by Don Theisen

Time for another update on OLA’s effort with the Lake Restoration project, but first a few comments on the length of time the project is experiencing. As all of you know, this effort has taken years and one might wonder, “Are we really working on this?” The answer is a resounding YES! There have been periods of time that we were stalled for one reason or another, but we haven’t quit. This is simply a huge project and involves several engineering issues as well as dealing with governmental agencies. The OLA Board would like to reassure you that we haven’t quit, nor will we.

As we discussed in the summer Annual Meeting, we have re-evaluated dredging the entire Lake in one phase. We are now focusing on a phased approach. This allows us to look at new and old technology for removing the solids from the water. The conventional and long standing method was a huge vacuum pulling the water and solids into a settling pond, applying a catalyst to settle out the solids and pumping the clear water back into the Lake. This requires a large tract of land very close to the Lake for the pumping operation. A phased approach helps mitigate the size of the settling pond. Additionally, new technology such as Geo-Bags and hydraulic separation can be pursued.

We are currently investigating the North End of the Lake for the first phase of restoration. It is close to some State land and some potentially available land should settling ponds be required. We have met with the DEQ and the DNR and they are receptive to the concept. We have also contacted dredgers and are in the process of obtaining quotes and timing. One dredger estimated Phase One to take three years to complete. Because of the Lake Mapping we conducted last fall, we have very good data as to the amount of cubic yards to be restored and therefore the costs, scope and potential land required. Once the process and costs are arrived at, the next issue will be how to fund the effort through grants, assessments and bonds.

We are getting closer to the total plan; this will be a busy winter working on the project. Thank you for your continued support.

OCTOBER 5, 2013

The survey of the entire Lake was conducted this past week, Don Theisen, Restoration Committee Chair, talked to the people conducting it……there were no issues with invasive specie type weeds. The official report will follow.

OLA is committed to pursuing this LAKE RESTORATION project.

We will need everyone’s support to make it a success.

Feel free to contact Don Theisen at (989) 732-5011 if you have any questions or comments. Restoration Presentation 063012(1).pdf

To view the Restoration PowerPoint Presentation click on this link.